I’m a database performance engineer, but DBA is just fine, with special interest in SQL Tuning, Internals, Troubleshooting and Engineered Systems. With more than 17 years working with Oracle databases in Brazil(where I was born), U2015-10-31 15.36.15K(where I lived for 6 years) and US where I currently reside.
Since 2014 I’m part of the Enkitec family, known today as Accenture Enkitec Group (AEG), where my roles are divided in basically 3 areas; first and foremost I’m one of the AEG consultants that will support customers on any aspects of the Oracle database and Engineered Systems, the other role that I have and enjoy a lot is to be part of
the AEG Health-Check team which is lead by Carlos Sierra, great friend and performance guru, and last but not less important, since 2015 we initiated our operations in Brazil and I was tasked by our leadership (Kerry, Veronica and Martin) to lead the AEG Latin America team as a Practice Director.

I’m also part of the Orapeeps group which is basically formed by the AEG Health-Check team, hopefully it will evolve into a bigger group sharing tools and knowledge.

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